The Basic Weekly Plan

In The Plan on February 26, 2010 at 2:18 am

Main Meals & Side Dishes 

  • Make 3 main dishes each week- 1 casserole, baked pasta or meat roast, 1 stew/slow cooker meal, 1 quick cooking option
  • Add 2 side dishes and 1 salad to mix and match with main dishes.
  • Make an appetizer dish to eat with green salad for light supper night each week.
  • Have a leftover night once a week.
  • Two dinners a week will be eaten in a restaurant or take-out.
  • If you run out of food before the end of the week, order pizza! (Or, keep pasta and a homemade jar of sauce handy.)

Packed Lunches

  • Select a soup or sandwich for lunches each week including a homemade bread.
  • Mix up sandwich lunches with dinner leftovers so you’re not eating the same soup or sandwich for a week.
  • Add salad or fresh fruit, snacks and desserts to your lunch box.
  • One lunch a week will be eaten at a restaurant or take-out.


  • Make a baked good (muffin, sweet bread) or granola to eat each week.
  • Pair with yogurt, smoothies or fresh fruit to round out the morning meal.
  • Plan a special breakfast/brunch item for the weekend.

Snacks & Desserts

  • Make 1 savory snack for the week such as a snack mix, crackers with cheese or dip with veggies for afternoon snacks.
  • Make 1 dessert  to enjoy with packed lunches or after dinner.
  • Consider canning or preparing an to use regularly if time permits each week such as pickles, preserved lemons, spice blends, stocks, sauces and relishes, or fruit preserves.
  • Have fresh fruit, yogurts, nuts, and cheese on hand for in-between meal snacks.

Shopping List

  • Add the weekly shopping list here noting anything that should be picked up mid-week.

Cooking Plan & Results

  • Make a plan of what needs to be prepped & cooked for Sunday cooking.
  • Portion out snacks, salads and baked goods to add to lunch bags.


  • Share or link to recipes.
  1. This little blog is just a dream right now, but it is here ready and waiting for me when I can turn it into a reality.

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